New Members

Welcome. Tawaw. Bienvenue.

Congratulations! You’re now a member of CUPE 1975. We’re excited to meet you!

In Article 4.5 of our Collective Agreement, it states that “Each new employee will be given the opportunity during the first month of employment, within regular working hours, of visiting the Union Office or meeting with the Steward for the purpose of joining the Union and becoming acquainted with the rights and responsibilities of membership. Such absence from the work place will be reasonably brief and taken at a time convenient to both the employee and the supervisor.”

Your executive member-at-large or steward can arrange to bring you to the union office where you will receive a union membership card, a copy of our Collective Agreement, and some free union swag. While you’re there, you can ask any questions you may have about being part of a union, and we’ll also encourage you to share your personal email address with us so that we can add you to our mailing list.

Get To Know Your Union

Support staff at the University of Saskatchewan belong to CUPE 1975. The local is made up of caretakers, clericals, grounds workers, technicians, plumbers, electricians, painters, food services, library assistants, Facilities and Program Assistants (FAPA) student workers, and more. CUPE 1975 was organized in 1944, and is currently one of the largest locals in Saskatchewan.

CUPE 1975 is one of six units who have employment agreements on campus along with CUPE 3287 (Sessional Instructors), USFA (University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association), ASPA (The Administrative and Supervisory Personnel Association), RDoS (Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan), and PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada – graduate students and postdocs).

Members of each union pay dues. This allows the union to bargain for a decent contract in all matters relating to wages, benefits, pensions, working conditions, conditions of employment and relationships with the employer, educational training and workshops, only to name a few.

The CUPE 1975 Executive is made up of members who volunteer their time and work together for the benefit of all members. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your work and/or workplace, please contact the Union Office. You will be directed to an Officer who can either answer your question on the phone or meet with you in person.

General membership meetings (GMM) are typically held the fourth Tuesday of each month. GMMs provide information to our membership on what is happening in the local, Treasurer’s reports, upcoming educational and/or workshops for members interested in attending, scholarships, and an opportunity for you to meet other members.

The union cannot function without its members doing their share and standing up for others. There is a lot of work to be done and many hands are needed to do it. If you are interested in joining one of the various committees, we can always use the help!

Union Dictionary

Joining any union, whether you’re new to unions or not, can be overwhelming. Check out this page for definitions of common terms and words used in our union.

Next Steps

1. Sign up for email updates

The union would like to occasionally send you updates by email. Please make sure to share your personal email with us!

2. Meet your Rep

Visit our “About” page for a full list of the current union representatives who can help you.

3. Visit us and sign your card

When you join the union, you are allowed to use work time to visit our office and sign your union card. While you’re there ask about some free swag!


Pensions, Benefits and More

Make sure to visit our Collective Agreement pages to learn about your rights and benefits as a CUPE 1975 employee.

Who To Talk To

Not sure who you need to speak to? You can send us an email or give us a call. Our Administrative Assistant, Heather Richinski, is here to help you!

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