Rally for Our Rights!

October 10 is an important day to rally.

Quite simply, no government should go unchallenged when they threaten to override the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The legislative assembly is convening early for its fall sitting on October 10 because the Sask. Party government would rather attack our fundamental Charter rights and freedoms with a hateful agenda –  instead of focusing its attention on the cost-of-living crisis, the lowest minimum wage in Canada, growing food bank usage and homelessness, and the underfunding of our public services.

After a Court of King’s Bench judge recently ordered an injunction blocking the implementation of the provincial government’s transphobic policy concluding it will cause irreparable harm to gender diverse youth, Premier Scott Moe shockingly announced the intention to irresponsibly invoke the notwithstanding clause – preemptively override the court and Charter rights – and impose the harmful policy anyway.

Let’s be clear: The Premier’s use of the term “parental rights” cannot disguise the Sask. Party’s hateful agenda attacking 2SLGBTQI+ inclusive schools and gender-diverse students. No student should ever face the impossible choice of being outed against their wishes or remain closeted at schools. Parental roles can be respected without placing gender diverse students in harm’s way and attacking Charter rights. That begins with what should have been done in the first place: meaningfully consult with education stakeholders, experts, parents, teachers, school divisions, and students.

We must show up at the legislature to protest the Sask. Party government’s attempt to use the notwithstanding clause for a hateful agenda.   We must defend our Charter rights and freedoms so essential to our democratic society.  

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