Call for Area Reps!

CUPE 1975 is looking for Executive Members at Large to join our Officers.  This is your chance to get involved with the Union!  You will be trained and involved with all aspects of the work we do.  No previous experience necessary!

The following positions are available for a 1-year term:

Caretakers/BST  2 – Executives at Large
Maintenance – Trades, Steam Plant, Kinesiology  1- Executive at Large
Library, Archives  1- Executive at Large
Technicians, Security, Stores  2 – Executives at Large
Clericals  4 – Executives at Large
Residence & Food Services  1- Executive at Large
Herdsman, Horticulture and Grounds  1- Executive at Large
Students’ Union  1- Executive at Large
University Club  1- Executive at Large
Prairie Swine Centre (Floral)  1- Executive at Large
Student Employee Representative  1- Executive at Large

If you are interested in a position, please submit your name at your Area Rep meeting or to the office by November 10, 2022.

In the event, we have more submissions than positions, there will be an election held at the Area Rep meeting.  Each candidate will have the opportunity to campaign and answer questions at said meetings.

13.3 Elections for Members at Large

a) Executive Member(s) at Large nominations and elections will be held at a special Voting Unit Meeting in November prior to the AGM.

b) The meeting will be organized and chaired by the current, outgoing Member at Large for the Voting Unit, along with one (1) Table Officer.

c) The attending Table Officer will chair the election portion of the meeting.

d) In the event of a tie, a new election will be conducted within thirty (30) days at a time and location to be determined by the Attending Table Officer. No new nominations will be accepted.

This is an exciting opportunity to get involved with CUPE 1975!  We strongly encourage you to consider joining!  Reach out to the office or your current Rep with any questions you may have!

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