Ratification Meeting

Later today, you will be receiving some individual information from the University’s Compensation Team regarding our ratification vote tomorrow.  It will outline what compensation you will receive if this contract is ratified by the membership. This compensation comes in the form of salary increases and bonuses.  Our Negotiating Team felt strongly that all our members should be eligible for some form of compensation regardless of whether you were red-circled or not.  Red-circled is the term used for our member who are at the top of their phase and therefor are ineligible for wage increases of any type.  Currently, 30% of our membership are “red-circled”.  There is also a signing bonus included that is meant to reflect an increase for 2021 and 2022.

The email you receive today will tell you exactly how you will be compensated for the life of this contract. The email will also provide a link to another site which will show you what other improvements have been agreed to.  Our ratification meeting will happen tomorrow in Health Sciences Lecture Theater 1150 at 2:30 pm. We will be providing a Zoom link for those interested and the electronic voting will take place beginning at 5pm tomorrow (June 28th) and ending at 5pm on June 29th. The MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT (“MOA”), that you will be voting on will be attached to your voting credential. THIS WILL ENABLE YOU TO REVIEW IT BEFORE YOU VOTE

At the meeting, we will be presenting the tentative agreement, in its entirety, in the form of a power point and then we will entertain any questions from the membership afterwards. In the effort to reduce waste, we will be printing off a limited number of the MOA’s to be shared at the ratification meeting. In previous ratification votes, we would print off 700 copies. By providing this information electronically we feel that printed copies won’t be required by everyone. The MOA that you will be voting on ONLY includes any Articles that have changed in our Collective Agreement. If there are no changes to an Article, it won’t be in the MOA.  If one word changes in the MOA or the Article is renumbered for our Collective Agreement, it will appear in the MOA.

See you tomorrow.

Bob Jones, President

CUPE 1975

Rm 21, 106 McLean Hall

Saskatoon, SK  S7N 5E6




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