COVID Vaccine Mandate and Human Rights issues

Greetings fellow CUPE 1975 members,

We have had some people reach out to us over the new vaccination policy the University of Saskatchewan has developed.  We have received legal opinions on the previous policy where individuals were given a choice of options and the opinions came back as not being in violation of our Collective Agreement and/or the Saskatchewan Employment Act.  As with any legal opinion it will never truly be known until its tested in court.  We, along with our CUPE lawyers, will continue to monitor the most recent vaccination policy and should we feel that its not being applied in a consistent and non-discriminatory way, we will act on it.  

For those of you who feel that way, we will be handling those as individual cases and you will need to schedule a meeting with our Union to discuss it.  We have had members who feel that this is a violation of their human rights and we have included a link to the Saskatchewan Human rights organization where it outlines what they identify as a violation of human rights.

Bob Jones, President

CUPE 1975

BJ/hlr cope 342

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