Cindy Toy – Meet Your Rep

What is your name and your role on the executive? 

My name is Cindy Toy. I am one of the CUPE 1975 Representatives for the Technologists/Security and Storekeepers.

Can you give a brief description of your background? 

I am currently employed by the U of S and work at the Veterinary Medical Centre in the Radiology department – I am a Registered Veterinary Technologist of 32 years.  I have been employed by the U of S from 1988-1999 and recently returned in 2010 (over 21 years). I was elected in June 2016 – 2021.  I also serve on the U of S Occupational Health and Safety Committee 2018 – 2021.  Other committees I am involved with are:  The Bursary (2018), Grievance Appeal (2020), Women’s Committee (July 2020), and recently joined the Employee Assistant Program Committee.

Why did you choose to become a union representative on the CUPE 1975 executive? 

I am glad I can give back to the union and help out wherever I can. I will talk to anyone who has questions and try to answer them.  If I don’t know the answer, I will direct them to the union office.  Many of the young people we hire on campus don’t even know about the union and what a resource it can be for them.  When I first started on campus in 1988, I was one of those uneducated workers.  I knew nothing about the union, and I did not get involved. I am also here to help the people that don’t feel they have a voice.  I have become a voice for them by bringing forward concerns.  I am not only a representative for the technologists but for anyone who has a question.  I talk to the custodians, Facilities Management Department, receptionists and clerical staff.  I have been involved in many meetings taking notes and just lending support to them.  I have been to two arbitration hearings and gained a better understanding of how that process works.  I have, unfortunately, been involved in a handful of temporary and permanent layoffs this last year.  We are here for the members, and I am proud to be a CUPE 1975 member.  The schools that the union provides are amazing educational tools from union history, labour law, mental health in the workplace and my new favourite, Occupational Health and Safety.  There are so many people on campus to educate and protect to foster a safe workplace.

Can you give some personal details (e.g. hobbies)?

I love playing with my 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. Ice skating – hockey and cooking.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I love hot chocolate with marshmallows with a hint of Irish Cream at night.

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