Jeff Theis – Meet Your Rep

What is your name and your role on the executive? 

My name is Jeff Theis, and I am the Treasurer for CUPE 1975. In this elected role, I look after all the financial affairs of the Local.

Can you give a brief description of your background? 

I am currently employed as a Building Services Technician in Facilities. I have been an employee on campus since 1997. I have held the position of Treasurer since the strike of 2007. I also have an advanced degree in Economics from this University.

Why did you choose to become a union representative on the CUPE 1975 executive? 

With my financial background, I was approached by the executive to run for Treasurer on the eve of the 2007 strike. The previous Treasurer had passed away, and the position was vacant. I agreed to help out, and once I got involved, I realized how much I enjoyed working for the Union to help out my coworkers.

Can you give some personal details (e.g. hobbies)?

In my younger days, I was active in many sports, including football, baseball, basketball and broomball. Now I still enjoy curling and slo-pitch.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

We have two German Shepards, and during COVID, they have been keeping us as active as possible during our forced internment at home.

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